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The World's First Non-Fiction Cookbook
by Ben Levitan

Welcome to the Too Easy Gourmet.

Too Easy Gourmet has a new approach to cooking. Too Easy Gourmet is quick, easy and healthy meals for everyday, after eight (or more) busy hours and an equally hard commute home. It's your first non-fiction cookbook.

Most cookbooks are like the new Paris fashions. They're great to look at, but they're just too much trouble for everyday wear. At best, you pull them out for weekend or special occasions. Like fashion, men will learn one recipe and pull it out for every special occasion. Women like new recipes for every event, much like the charity socialite who fears being seen twice in the same dress.

The recipes in this cookbook are:
  *Quick -- 20 minutes or less start to finish.
  *Easy -- 5 common ingredients (or fewer) for every recipe.
  *Healthy -- count your fat grams as you cook.
  *Budget Conscious -- no fancy tools needed & shopping strategies that save money.
  *Realistic -- no overnight marinates, 4 hour simmers, or planning ahead.

Enjoy these 100 very well-tested, good tasting, healthy and inexpensive recipes that makes you the Too Easy Gourmet.

The recipes available on the web today are:
Lemon Chicken, dinner in 6 minutes
Parsley Pasta, a nice side dish
Sesame Broccoli, really good accompanyment
Le Coronal, a traditional Swiss dessert

The Too Easy Gourmet cookbook not only has recipes, but also useful shopping strategies that make shopping easier, and preparation techniques that gives hints on making the preparation easier, and even a section on back to the basics.

Foreword by Martin Yan:

The "Yan Can Cook Show" is now in its fifteenth year, reaching television audiences all over the world. During that decade-and-a-half, I've seen a lot of changes in the kinds of recipes people are looking for, and I've tried to respond to those changes in both my show and my cookbooks. What people seem to need and want today are simple recipes with fewer ingredients - recipes that are economical and quick to prepare, but still healthful and packed with flavor. In other words, they want it all ... they're expecting a miracle!

That's where Ben Levitan comes in.

Ben is a master of the art of the simple, successful recipe. I've developed plenty of recipes myself for one or two people over the years. But in this book, and in his cooking workshops, Ben starts with this premise. He understands the needs of the busy home cook who has just a few minutes to put dinner together. No matter who you are or how much cooking experience you have, with this book and a few basic ingredients, you can make meals that are good for you and good tasting any day of the week.

I've made it my mission to introduce home cooks to the fun and excitement of preparing simple foods. That's why I always end my show by saying "If Yan can cook, so can you." Well, Ben can cook, too. And, with a little inspiration from this book, so can you! Enjoy!

Martin Yan Host, "Yan Can Cook"

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Ben is also available for seminars.

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