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Busy people love Ben Levitan's approach to cooking delicious, gourmet meals. His popular cooking workshops and TV appearances have taught people across the country how to cook realistic meals with a few common ingredients in just twenty minutes, using his recipes, shopping strategies and cooking techniques. Now Ben's workshop is a book. 100 well tested recipes in the world's first non-fiction cookbook.

Too Easy Gourmet makes bringing Ben's cooking workshop to your group, conference or expo easy. All you do is provide the floor space and Ben brings everything but the kitchen sink for a fun and practical customized program (including the kitchen!) To book Ben's workshop or to find out more about his programs call Street Smart Seminar/All Star Agency at (800) 694-6380 or contact Too Easy Gourmet directly at the address below:

phone: call 410-266-6245
snail-mail: Too Easy Gourmet, P.O. Box 469, Annapolis, MD 21404

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