Welcome! Whether you're totally lost, or you actually planned it this way, you've arrived at my home page. I'm a consultant, web developer, filmmaker and writer; businessman and poet; husband, son, father, and grandfather.

In business, I'm involved with several business endeavors. With my background in marketing, high tech, and entertainment, I like to say my focus is on the cutting edge where they all meet.

Starting out in film and video production and writing, my work has grown to include marketing, product management, web site development, streaming media and emerging technology. I've worked with start-ups, small companies and some of the biggest corporations around, including Microsoft, AT&T and CVS.

I do marketing consulting for the firms Product First Partners and Channel Ventures, and have a film blog about filmmaking and film watching, which is called 24 Frame Stories and a marketing blog called Last Mile Marketing where I discuss ways of increasing marketing effectiveness by improving every customer contact.


I've been involved in the film business since I was 16 years old, and worked on two features while I was still in high school, including a bit part in a Fabian movie in 1967. I got a degree in Motion Pictures and Television from UCLA, and have worked as a screenwriter, producer and director in both Hollywood and Seattle, with credits on commercials, marketing videos, music videos, documentaries and feature films. I was a winner of the 1994 Seattle Advertising Federation Best Production award. Since 1984 I've been a member of the Pacific Northwest film and video community, and I'm committed to film, video, and multimedia production in this region.

I have also been involved in bringing visual creativity and video to computers since 1989. I got started as a web developer in 1994, and have helped pioneer areas such as electronic commerce, online communities, and delivering streaming video, animation and multimedia over the web.

The links below can give you more info about my work, my interests, and my name.

The Name Is Weir!: Information & history of the name Weir

24 Frame Stories: My film blog covers filmmaking & watching

Last Mile Marketing: My marketing blog about marketing stuff

Product First Partners: Marketing and product consulting.


This is picture of me from 1963, when I was a budding surfer. Ocean type.

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