The Bozo Mountain Wandering Tribe

20 Year Grand Reunion, Specific City, Oregon, 1994

We're All Bozos On This Bus

The Bozo Book of Records Archive Item #1 - The Bozo Code

1. We live in our shoes.

2. Keep on laughing! (Bozo the Clown)

3. Love never faileth. (Corinthians 2)

4. Don't ask why, a Bozo nose.

5. A Real Bozo always comes back for the groceries.

6. Crazy yes, but not insane. (Wavy Gravy)

7. It's mind over matter - if you don't mind, it don't matter.

8. Always join a parade.

9. Leave it or live with it! (Firesign Theatre)

10.Dance into the future.

Bozoland, west of Murphy, Oregon, 1975

B.B.R. Archive Item #2 - From the Book "BOZO THE CLOWN" by Carl Buettner

"But Boss," said Bozo with a shiver, 'I'm no lion tamer! I'm just a plain clown.'

B.B.R. Archive Item #3 - From the "DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN SLANG" by Harold Wentworth & Stuart Berg Flexner (1960)

BOZO: noun: A man; fellow; guy; especially a large rough man or one with more brawn than brains. From Spanish dialect "boso" (from "vosotros") = you (plural) which resembles a direct address.

B.B.R. Archive Item #4 - From the Story "ST. DILBERT AND THE PLUMBER" by Robert Hunter

My boat was finally washed to shore after drifting for several days, and I was delerious from exposure and lack of food or water. I was discovered by a wandering tribe of Bozos who later told me that I had been heard to repeat 'On the left hand it goes North and on the right hand South' continually while they nursed me back to health which took some weeks.

When I returned to my senses, I found all the Bozos of the tribe wandering about repeating 'On the left hand it goes North and on the right hand South' over and over and looking rather blissful. Anxious not to mislead them (for at the time I didn't know this was an impossibility) I immediately informed them that 'in between it may go straight down'. No sooner had the words left my mouth than they all prostrated themselves before me, desiring me to become their king. Refusing this post, they immediately elected me a saint and began pressing me for teachings which would elucidate the notion which they found so marvelous and accepted the true story as an elaborately cloaked metaphor, of which judgement nothing would dissuade them.

B.B.R. Archive Item #5 - From The Firesign Theater recording of "We're All Bozos On This Bus"

BARNEY: Uh-say, I'm a Bozo.
CLEM: I thought you had kind of a big nose.
BARNEY: You recognized it, huh?
CLEM: Yeah.
BARNEY: You like to give it a squeeze?
CLEM: Oh, no...
BARNEY: Go on, squeeze the weeze! Many people like to.
BARNEY: See? It doesn't hurt me a bit.
CLEM: No...
BARNEY: You know, I think we're all Bozos on this bus.
CLEM: My mother was a Bozo-ette at school.
BARNEY: No kidding! You know, my ma always said,"You gotta start young if you're gonna stick it out!"
CLEM: Well, my mother didn't talk to me much.
BARNEY: Poor kid!
MICKEY (The Automated Hostess): Now, please, everyone lock your wigs, let the air out of your shoes, and prepare yourselves for a period of simulated exhileration. Everybody ready? Let's get in 'sync' for our Flight To The Future!

B.B.R. Archive Item #6 - Larry Harmon (who has played Bozo since 1949) about his meeting with the President of France in the mid sixties

I got this call out of the blue from Charles DeGaulle one day; I thought someone was playing a joke on me. He wanted to meet with me about world affairs and the children of France...There was one condition: that I come in costume and remain in character the whole time...I think he wanted to be a child again...he would say, "Please, laugh just once like Bozo."

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