List of Public Libraries with
Internet Services

Public Libraries with Gopher Servers:

Public Libraries on WWW Servers:

Public Library WWW Pages Maintained by Others

Of those included in the list above, Library Science students at the Library School of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan, are assisting the following public libraries in southeast Michigan to start up their own WWW home pages in an initiative led by Professor Joan C. Durrance. Most of the documents created by these students remain on the UM SILS server, but they point to these public libraries and their services which are virtually on the Web.

Also included among those listed above, CARL Corporation's Homepage has several links to the WWW homepages of their Library Partners, many of which are public library WWW sites currently under development. As of February 15th, 1995, they include the following:

Virtual WWW Public Libraries

Finally, the following sites have set up what they call "Virtual Public Libraries" to serve the general public and public libraries. They include:
  • GoMLink, the 1st Virtual WWW *Library* on the Internet, which opened in February 1993 using gopher software, is an electronic library of Internet resources built for public libraries in the state of Michigan. They have direct http access or you can telnet to their public lynx client (telnet to Their range of subjects covers what most public library collections would encompass. They use traditional library collection development philosophies to build their virtual library. There are literally thousands of Internet resources all arranged in a subject-based organizational scheme.
  • The Internet Public Library - 1st Virtual WWW *Public* Library on the Internet. The Internet Public Library Project is hosted by the School of Information and Library Studies at the University of Michigan. It "seeks to challenge and redefine the roles and significance of libraries in an increasingly distributed and digital world. Libraries have always been places of learning and excitement, opening new worlds of information, enlightenment and entertainment to all who enter. Libraries and the people who work in them are committed to democracy and equality of access, the dignity of their patrons, and the freedom to express and investigate all points of view."
  • Planet Earth Home Page Virtual Library. This virtual library contains a collection of resources available on the World Wide Web accessible through a Comprehensive Image Map or grid of subjects and Internet resources - what Dave McCarn ( calls "a neat access pardigm"; or through a Virtual Library Foorplan, a layout of rooms, each linking one to other rooms of related information; or through a Text Version of the virtual library. Each of these approaches also has a search form that one can fill out to find information in the library.

    Public Libraries on Telnet Servers:

    CARL Corporation Databases menu provides access to several CARL public library catalogs and databases by telnet connections. Several are included in the list above. Those for which we could not find the direct telnet addresses we could only reach through the link to Carl Corporation above and these are listed below. Telnet to CARL by clicking the CARL Corporation Databases link above and select from CARL's first menu item #8. CARL Systems Library Catalogs, then select Eastern US, Western US (Menu 1) or Western US (Menu 2). Some of the public libraries accessible through the CARL network include... If any of you know the direct telnet addresses of these locations above which do not presently have hypertext links, please let us know what they are and we will create a hypertext link to them.

    Many of the telnet server links above were provided by theUniversity of Kansas and its Listing of US Public Libraries on HYTELNET