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About the historical sources and images.

The historical information on this website was compiled using both primary and secondary sources -- nineteenth- and twentieth-century gardening books, seed catalogs, and government documents. The images are all from old books and seed catalogs.

About the name.

The name of this website follows an old tradition in garden writing. American Thomas Bridgeman wrote The Young Gardener's Assistant in 1829, and by 1871 it had evolved into The American Gardener's Assistant. Across the Atlantic, British authority Robert Thompson wrote The Gardener's Assistant in 1859. These books featured "Practical and Scientific" information about growing vegetables, fruits, berries, and ornamentals.

About the author.

Kathy Mendelson prepared this Website. A botanist by training, she has worked in public gardens, taught plant science at the community college level, and served as a consultant and speaker on garden history. She is particularly interested in garden history, especially the story of gardening in the Pacific Northwest. She grows a wide variety of heirloom plants.

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