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Solo Guitar Playing I by Frederick Noad
This method book is the top choice of many classical guitar instructors, now in its third edition. The book starts with exercises to develop basic music reading and playing technique, then continues by introducing studies and music that further develop the student's playing ability. Included is discussion of ornamentation, scales, harmonics, and other basic and advanced techniques. Includes music by Bach, Dowland, Llobet, Sor, Tarrega, Carcassi, and many others. Book & Compact disc now available
FN 10000 $18.00
Book & CD package FN10064CD $29.95


Solo Guitar Playing II
Book two continues from book one to develop technique and repertoire. Included in this volume are discussion of style and ornamentation for classical, romantic, renaissance and baroque music; Guiliani's 120 studies for the right hand; and pieces by Tarrega, Bach, Weiss, and others. Book & Compact disc edition also available.
FN 1002 $16.95
Book & CD package AM949465 $27.95

Aaron Shearer Methods
Aaron Shearer is one of the most well known and respected classical guitar instructors in the country. His method, Classic Guitar Technique, is one of the most influential guitar methods ever written. Mr. Shearer is a member of the faculty of the North Carolina School of the Arts and has been cited for exceptional leadership and merit by the American String Teachers Associaton.
Classic Guitar Technique
One of the most popular classical guitar methods ever written. A basic and orderly presentation of the necessary information and exercises essential to beginning guitar instruction.
FC01937 Volume I $12.00
FC02325 Volume II $16.50

Shearer First Supplement
Slur, ornament and reach development exercises.
FC02320 $7.50

Shearer Second Supplement Basic elements of music theory for guitar.
FC02321 $7.95

Shearer Third Supplement
Scale pattern studies.
FC02322 $20.00

Guitar Note Speller
The purpose of this book is to simplify the process of learning the positions of the notes in music and on the guitar fingerboard.
FC01936 $7.95

Learning the Classic Guitar by Aaron Shearer
"Learning the Classic Guitar is a new direction for guitar instruction. Many ideas in these books challenge traditional methods and assumptions...In developing these books, I have adhered to the following concepts:
* How and what students practice is as important as how much they practice.
* Give information only when it is immediately useful.
* Start with the easiest skills.
* Approach challenging skills gradually.
Over the years I have met a wide variety of talented people, many of whom have inspired me to develop a more effective approach to teaching the guitar. Through Learning the Classic Guitar, I hope to share the advances."

Learning the Classic Guitar Part 1
Focuses on technical development and explains the most efficient approach to study and practice.
94361 $14.95

Learning the Classic Guitar Part 2
Presents the elements of music and procedures for developing ability to sightread and memorize. It also introduces the visualization concept. Part 1 and Part 2 are meant to be used simultaneously.
94362 $17.95

Learning the Classic Guitar Part 3
Teaches the student to form clear and accurate concepts of music expression. It also teaches the guitarist how to perform in public with accuracy and confidence.
94363P $19.95 with cassette

The Art and Technique of Practice by R. Provost
DK 10016 $14.95

Harmony for Guitar by L. Bosman
MN 10095 $19.95

Kitharologus The path to Virtuosity - a technical workout manual for all guitarists by Ricardo Iznaola
Says Professor Iznaola: "It is my conviction that technique is made up of a limited number of procedures with an unlimited number of applications. Therefore...a sound technical methodology is not one that tries to cover all possible forms of a given procedure, but rather one that identifies and trains the essential mechanism which makes the procedure, in all its forms, possible.
Very comprehensive and highly recommended!
ECH730 $19.95

On Practicing - A Manual for students of guitar performance by Ricardo Iznaola
Excellent as a companion to Kitharologus or by itself as a "how to study" book.
ECH 738 $10.00

Pumping Nylon - The Classical Guitarist's Technique Handbook by Scott Tennant
Includes: Giuliani's 120 Right-hand studies; Original compositions by Andrew York and Brian Head; Tarrega arpeggio studies; musical examples by Bach, Turina, Rodrigo & others; and much more.
AP1114 $11.95

The Complete Carcassi Method with 25 Studies ed. Mel Bay
MB93611 $8.95

The Complete Sor Studies ed. David Grimes
MB95110 $14.95

Dionisio Aguado - Pieces from the Guitar Method 1843 ed. Scheit
UE16726 $15.95

Julio Sagreras Lessons for Guitar
A long-time favorite of classical guitar teachers. The Sagreras series presents studies in a systematic progression to develop technique and music reading ability. The scope of the series is from beginning to advanced.
First Lessons For Guitar (English and Spanish)
HL50010310 $6.95
Second Lessons For Guitar (English and Spanish)
HL50010320 $6.95
Las Terceras Lecciones de Guitarra (Spanish)
BA9557 $11.75
Las Cuartas Lecciones de Guitarra (Spanish)
BA9570 $13.25
Las Quintas Lecciones de Guitarra (Spanish)
BA9573 $13.25
Las Sextas Lecciones de Guitarra (Spanish)
BA9504 $13.25
Tecnica Superior de Guitarra (Spanish)
BA9553 $11.75

Classical Guitar for beginners With CD ed. Nathaniel Gunod
A thoughtful, condensed presentation of some of the basic elements of classical guitar technique and beginning study. Includes themes from popular classical guitar compositions, brief biographies of important classical guitar composers, and a variety of technical exercises. The compact disc helps the beginning student with pitches and rhythms, and allows the student to practice duets.
AP 13456 $17.45

Complete Study of Tremolo for the Classic Guitar V. Bobri
One of the most extensive studies of tremolo technique. Progressive study leads the student step-by-step to tremolo mastery. 33 lessons with numerous tremolo forms, etudes, and original solos.
FC03046 $9.95


New Dimensions in Classical Guitar for Children by Sonia Michelson
Using a "holistic" approach to early childhood musical education, Sonia Michelson has created a method that has been successfully used with students from age 3 through 10. Emphasis given to performing music for others.
MB94537 $7.95

Easy Classic Guitar Solos for Children by Sonia Michelson
MB94488 $4.95

Young Beginner's First Repertoire for Classic Guitar by Sonia Michelson
MB95466 $8.95

Basic Pieces by Juan Antonio Muro - Easy entertaining pieces for beginners.
Volume 1 ECH 781 $20.00
Volume 2 ECH 782 $18.50


The Natural Classic Guitar by Lee F. Ryan
This book presents a holistic approach to the guitar with ten principles that will help you develop yourself as well as your playing. The basic principle is to let nature support you in every way so that your playing is as effortless as possible. Chapters include: The Concept of Mind Over Fingers, Basic Fine Points of Technique, and The Art of Enjoying Your Performance. 291 pages.
T/37 $23.95

The Art & Technique of Practice by Richard Provost
A nicely presented guide to effective and efficient practice. Topics include: Preparation, technique, memorization, repertoire maintenance, interpretive practice, visualization, note-reading, developing listening & reading skills and more.
GSP 64 $14.95

The Segovia Ponce Letters ed. Alcazar
49700316 $29.00

Manuel Ponce and The Guitar by Corazon Otero
BS51995 $19.95

Mauro Giuliani: Virtuoso Guitarist and Composer by Thomas F. Heck
An exciting look at the life and work of Giuliani. Hardbound.
49700317 $65.00

Things About The Guitar by Jose Ramirez III
SEM 0412 $32.50

Rioplatense Guitar - The Early Guitar and Its Context in Argentian and Uruguay by Richard Pinell
BS93343 $35.00

Paco de Lucia and Family: The Master Plan by D.E. Pohren
BS93362 $24.95

Lives and Legends of Flamenco by D.E. Pohren
BS85003 $29.95


John Williams
The Seville Concert
This 2 hour video includes a one hour concert filmed at the Royal Alcazar Palace in Seville Spain and a one hour profile of John Williams shot in the U.K., Australia and Spain. The concert (also available on CD) includes works by Albeniz, Bach, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Yocoh, Koshkin, Barrios, and Rodrigo. The profile shows footage of Mr. Williams with Segovia, Paco Pena, Peter Sculthorpe, Sebastian Bell and others as well as views from his homes in London and Australia. Filled with musical gems and insight into John William's genius and personality.
Video 53475 VHS $29.95

Effortless Classical Guitar
with William Kannengiser
One of the best instructional videos we've come across. This 1 hour VHS video teaches efficient, relaxed playing through proper technique. Covers right and left hand synchronization, rest & free strokes, tone production, slurs, rasgueados, and much more. Kannengiser performs Mozart's Rondo Alla Turka, Sor Study #9 in a minor, and de Falla's Miller's Dance. Invaluable material for beginner through advanced players.
VGK 130 $29.95

Classical Guitar Mastery
with William Kannengiser
The follow-up video to Effortless Classical Guitar. Includes further discussion and demonstration of tone control, articulation, dynamics, vibrato, dampening techniques, staccatos, nail shaping, and squeak-free playing. All exercises covered in the video are transcribed in the accompanying book. All right and left hand techniques are shown close-up and with special split screen detail. One hour VHS.
VGK 186 $29.95

Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar
by Carlos Barbosa-Lima
A quality video production from Mel Bay Publications. "See and hear unbelievable and unexcelled virtuosity in classic guitar performance as Carlos Barbosa-Lima transforms the guitar into a tridimensional entity, giving the illusion of a bass, percussion, and guitar trio. Carlos performs new Brazilian music taken from his three books: Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar, More Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar, and Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles."
50 minutes VHS. Corresponding books listed below.
MB 59524VX $29.95

Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles
MB95111 $8.95
Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar
MB94840 $7.95
More Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar
MB94840 $7.95
Cassettes and CDs for above also available


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