Horse Management Computer Program
BarnPro Reports

BarnPro provides a contemporary Windows application for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 created with a Microsoft development product using the power of a relational database. We provide updates regularly to the web for download (a login in is given to all purchasers of the Business Edition and Racing Edition) for continual improvements and enhancements. All our products include a paper manual and comes with a cdrom and binder.

We have over 30 reports to provide you with hardcopy for everything from what veterinary work was done to the horses under your care, to a list of customers and providers and professional looking invoices for billing your customers.

BarnPro provides extensive "ready made" report capability in professional style report formats, including "invoices" with a letter head for your farm, or use your own stationary.

Standard Reports

    • Boarding details 
    • Breeding chart details (BE) 
    • Expenses by category and horse 
    • Feeding Chart 
    • Farrier History 
    • Genealogy report (printed by MS Word) 
    • Income by horse (BE only)
    • Lessons History (students) 
    • Mare Care History (BE) 
    • Horse's Profile 
    • Show winnings/expenses 
    • Stallion Report (BE) 
    • Training History (horses)
    • Directory - Only Owners and Horses 
    • Veterinary Care History 

Accounting Reports 

    • Accounts Payable (BE) 
    • Accounts Receivable (BE)
    • Expenses 
    • Income (broken down by categories) 
    • Invoices (BE) 
    • Customer Accounts (BE) 
    • Provider Accounts 
    • Payments (actual income)
    • Personal Expenses (Note: BE = Business Edition and Racing Edition) 


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