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BarnPro Professional/Racing Edition

BarnPro Professional/Racing Edition ~ This version for the professional is a very extensive horse farm management program and includes support for 'Partnership' (Syndicated) Ownership of Race Horses, tracking their race performance and allows the race horse training or breeding farm to invoice Partnership members individually for stable services and trainer's percentage of Race Track earnings. $169.95

  • Accounts for customers and providers (feed stores, farriers, vets, trainers, etc) 
  • Boarding 
  • Breeding, stallion service and mare care windows
  • Complete Records for horses, five generation pedigree, which can print formal reports to MSWord
  • Tracking expenses and income for horse related and general user defined categories 
  • Farrier
  • Journaling, track general subjects 
  • Lessons/Training 
  • Showing 
  • Veterinary Care
  • Appointment Calendar 
  • Owners and Horses Directory 
  • Reports for all aspects above
  • Create invoices just with the click of the mouse (assuming you are tracking services provided for your customers as they occur throughout the month. Or use the Retail Store Day of Sale invoicing window
  • Define characteristics of Partnerships
  • Define Partnership member profiles
  • Track horse racetrack performance, winnings
  • Log your trainer percentage from racetrack winnings earned as income
  • Expenses and income by race horse
  • Creation of invoices summing partnership services rendered
  • Individual invoices to partnership members showing itemized services, totals and individual member amounts
  • Specialized reports for the information described above
  • An embedded report writer developed by a Microsoft solution provider to allow users to design and create their own tabular reports

BarnPro provides a contemporary Windows application for Windows XP-Vista and Windows 7 Versions (and Macs running "Virtual PC") created with a Microsoft development product using the power of a relational database. We provide updates regularly to the web for download (a login in is given to all purchasers of the Business Edition and Racing Edition) for continual improvements and enhancements. All our products include a paper manual and come with a cdrom and a binder.

Anyone who has experience with Microsoft products such as MS Word, WordPad, Internet Explorer should find BarnPro easy to learn. Although the application is build around a relational database, the windows will make the task of entering data and extracting data easy for you. For those of you more proficient or more familiar with advanced products, we also provide features that will allow you look more directly into the database formatted data.

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