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Rainier Myst Software provides contemporary Windows applications for Windows (Vista, Window 7, 8 and 10 Versions and Macs running "Windows BootUp Capability") created with a Microsoft development product using the power of a relational database.

We provide updates regularly to the web for download (a login in is given to all purchasers of the Business Edition, Cattleman's Assistant, CattleBook and FarmBoss) for continual improvements and enhancements. All our products come with a binder and include a paper manual and cdrom.

Anyone who has experience with Microsoft products such as MS Word, WordPad, Internet Explorer should find BarnPro and The Cattleman's Assistant easy to learn. Although the application is build around a relational database, the windows will make the task of entering data and extracting data easy for you.

For BarnPro, we have over 30 reports to provide you with hardcopy for everything from what veterinary work was done to the horses under your care, a breeding Chart screen, to a list of customers and providers and professional looking invoices for billing your customers.

For the Cattleman's Assistant we have over 35 reports, for everything from your cow/calf pairs, to pasture and cropland leases, and machinery repair and much more. (Please see the list of reports under the "Reports" feature.)

Also besides all of the normal software program generated reports, it is very easy to import data from these programs into Excel and use it's power for spreadsheets, graphs and charts.

Our Demos allow you to try our products for 30 days including using in your business as they are fully functional. You can even do your billing with the demos.

Demo Download This is a fully functional BarnPro Edition demo, functional for 30 days, you can enter your own data and print reports, etc.  We suggest downloading to your desktop. Then double click on the zip file, your computer should show the files included. It is critical that you read the Installation Notes [use WordPad] to perform installation.(You can also order this demo on CDROM from our order page for $5.95). Our Cattle Ranching and Farming Demo (we mail you a cdrom) is available for $8.95 ordered from our order page.

BarnPro Business Edition ~ The right decision for the Horse Farm or Boarding or Training Stable with a need for tracking income, invoicing and breeding in addition to the normal record keeping associated with the care of horses. A very good choice for horse boarding barns providing billing to their customers.  A contemporary windows program to support your business operation with a windows based breeding chart and billing customers. $89.95 

BarnPro Professional (Racing) Edition ~ Our Professional/Horse Racing Edition expands on our Business Edition to add support for 'Partnership' (Syndicated) Ownership of Race Horses, tracking their race performance and allows the race horse training or breeding farm to invoice Partnership members individually for stable services and trainer's percentage of Race Track earnings. $139.95

Cattleman's Assistant ~ An exciting new program developed for both the Commercial Cattleman and the Rancher with registered herds. This program intends to cover all your ranch data tracking needs, from cattle to pastures,cropland, feedlots you use, machinery, machinery repair, and full accounting to track expenses and income.   This program will also give you reports for progeny evaluation of your herd sires and cows, showing progeny characteristics. $139.95

CattleBook ~ This is a companion program to the Cattleman's Assistant, that shares the same screens but provides capability strickly for the cattle record keeping aspects of the cattle ranchers tasks. Does not include farming, machinery/facilities, horse remuda but includes all the same accounting and scheduling as the Cattleman's Assistant. The database data is fully compatible with Cattleman's Assistant should you later need to upgrade. $99.95

Farm Boss ~ Our Farm Boss software program (which pulls functionality from the "Cattleman's Assistant") handles all the farming/ranching management for any farm or ranch that farms to provide hay and forage for livestock. This tracks managing pastures, cropland, feedlots, machinery and facilites upkeep and much more. And it has all the accounting, scheduling and recording keeping for every aspects of your operation. $79.95

Farm Accountant ~ Our Farm Accountant software program (which pulls functionality from the "Cattleman's Assistant") handles tracking all expenses and income for your farm or ranch. It has all the accounting, scheduling and recording keeping for all financial aspects of your operation. Of course all user defined categories, subjects, events, etc.$39.95



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