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BarnPro Features

BarnPro provides a contemporary Windows application for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 created with a Microsoft development product using the power of a relational database. We provide updates regularly to the web for download (a login in is given to all purchasers of the Business Edition and Racing Edition) for continual improvements and enhancements. All our products include a paper manual, binder and cdrom.

Our Demos allow you to try our products for 30 days including using in your business as they are fully functional. You can even do your billing with the demos. Check out our NEW amazing month-end automated billing screens.

BarnPro's Windows Style Interface

  • This window shows a typical window for entering data for services provided by you at your farm, or conversely, you can track services provided on your behalf by a horse industry provider (examples: boarding, shoeing, showing, training, veterinary care)

  • This window shows our appointments, events scheduling window. It will provide you with a popup warning the day you have appointments scheduled. You can also look back in time and see those calendar dates where you had appointments for your horses or whatever, or some special event took place like an auction.

  • This window shows our capability to allow invoicing a number of customers at one time for "at the end of the month" billing. Just move the account names from the left list to the right list and select the invoice style, and a starting invoice number and the rest of the work is done for you.

  • This window shows our Pre-Defined Report Window, which has various features (as can be seen from the tabs at the top). Its from this window that the reports (listed on our top page by selecting the "Reports" button) can be tailored, pre-viewed and printed.



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