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Our " Cattleman's Assistant " is an exciting new program developed for both the Commercial Cattleman and the Cattleman with registered herds . This program covers all your ranch data tracking needs, from cattle, herds, herd movement, and also pastures, cropland, feedlots you use, leases, horse remuda, machinery, machinery repair, and full accounting to track expenses and income. This program will also give you reports for progeny evaluation of your herd sires and cows.

Our " CattleBook " is a companion program to the Cattleman's Assistant, that shares the same screens but provides capability strickly for the cattle record keeping aspects of the cattle ranchers tasks. Does not include farming or machinery/facilities. The database data is fully compatible with Cattleman's Assistant should you later need to upgrade.

We have 38 reports (23 for Cattlebook) to provide you with hardcopy for everything from what, when and how spring branding went, your latest auction results to progeny reports for your cows and herd sires and tracking leases and your farming for your hay and other crops. We'll also provide expense and income reports broken out by category for your CPA and professional looking invoices for billing your customers, and really much more.

All our products are compatible with Windows XP-Vista and Windows 7 Versions (and Macs that will boot up in a Microsoft Windows Mode).

Also besides the Cattleman's Assistant (CattleBook) generated reports, it is very easy to import data from this program into EXCEL (instructions are provided) and use the power of Excel for spreadsheets, graphs and charts.



The Cattleman's Assistant keeps records for most all cattle tracking requirements for a commercial producer or a operation that deals exclusively in registered cattle. For the commercial provider you can track just herds if desired. What pasture they currently are on, animal count, herd movement, backgrounding specifics, bulls used. You can also use a screen to specifically add characteristics for evey animal, such as breed, sex, DOB, weight, herd assigned, Ear tag and NAIS specifics (plus more). For cows you can define their bred status and mouth status (ie broken mouth, etc). If first entering a cow and its really a pair, you can define the cow and calf on one screen entry (optional if desired).

Our Registered Cattle Entry Screen has more information, such as the sire and dam, etc. Whats unique about this program is the user can define a list of (stored of course) calf characteristics their breeding program watches for, and also a separate list of calving problems noted at birth. There are individual progeny reports for both sets of characteristics. Also for herd sires and mother cows in the registered herd, if you have EPD's and that has been entered for those bovines, the Progeny Reports will list that also.

We have also additional screens that integrate the cattle with your using pastures and range land to track where your herds are and the movement of herds. Every entered bovine is intially labeled as belonging to a herd, and that herd is tracked throught the year.

For breeding we have a special screen where you can define all your breeding as events, ie a bull was introduced to a herd. Or a mother cow was AI'd to one of your listed sires. We even handle the case on this same screen of embryo transfer defining the bull, mother cow and donor cow.

The Events Tracking Calendar is integrated to allow providing a history of what is done with herds (and auctions, private treaty sales, actually any subject you define). Gathering cattle, moving cattle, spring branding of cattle is all handled thru this series of screens to provide history that can be called up easily (you define what you want to see, ie date range and the subject of interest).


As most cattleman have to do up their own hay, this program will track all your farming. You can give names to all your pastures and croplands (actually you can label and track feedlots also), and then track details of yields, workups performed and costs, what you need to do next year and irrigation (a separate window tracks irrigation including costs) issues if needed. Also, it handles who owns the fields, which may be leased.


You can also define all your equipment and facilities. Keep track of repairs and various costs. Keep track of purchase value and current value, workup needed.


The Cattleman's Assistant also includes an inventory system for tracking virtually anything. Keep track of item costs, value of current inventory, a reminder or when you need to order by tracking usage and minimum allowed stock on hand.. It will also give a running dollar $value total of all current stock.


Keep track of all your horses. If you have a breeding program this will provide a printout of what all your cavy consists of down to specific details, including registry info, characteristics, and sales info. Or get an expanded breakout report for just one horse by name. Our doctoring livestock screen not only handles cattle but your horses also, down to animal name and reports break out by animal name or animal ID.


For a lot of cattlemen who range cattle on leased ground, private or US Government ground, you can keep track of these leases, rather you lease from someone or lease out your land. Define the lease arrangement and cost and how well its working out for you on a yearly basis.


All our family of products track all expenses and income for your ranch as a business. Print reports for your CPA for annual IRS tax preparation, with itemized breakdown. If you sell services or hay or animals, etc. you can provide an invoice for the customer. If you dont receive payment at the time services are rendered, the Cattleman's Assistant can keep track of that also. Keep track of your accounts payable to your providers. You can even track personal expenses not related to the ranch (such as kids schooling costs). The categories of where money is spent is a list in the program that the user can define (we supply the initial list of the most common categories such as hay, fencing, transportation, tack, equipment repair, etc.)

Click to view Cattleman's Assistant List of Reports!

The window below shows all of the subjects concerning your ranching operation that is covered by this product. There are specialized screens for each of these subjects for entering data and pulling out information to review or print. Our Cattleman's Assistant Demo, has total 100% functionality to allow reviewing the product. (Order from our order page.)

We also have the screen shown below to track more of the day-to-day history at your ranch such as spring branding. private treaty sales, auctions and the movement of cattle. This screen provides a calendar to not only schedule events, but review them and read what you wrote about the event and get reports, it even allows you to label categories for events and then narrow down your review to those specific events and then pick the time range.

The two windows below show a partial list of the 38 reports that are provided already designed and provided with the program. The program also comes with a simple report writer to allow you to create your own spreadsheet style reports.

100% of the screens are in the Demo and all aspects are fully operational. You can enter data and run your operation from the demo for 30 days. To get a demo mailed to you, simple request a copy via email or call us at 541-805-4904.


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