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        Tom Dorrance and Natural Horsemanship Methods Used

After a lifetime of experience my philosophy and techniques have undergone constant upgrading.

I really feel its important we get a clear understanding of where our horses are at when we enter a training situation. I like to be thorough in the foundation work and really get to the bottom of my colts. I want them to be thorougly desentitized using the thinking side of their brain and responding to pressure appropriatively . I want the horse to respect and trust me. If there is fear/ and or disrepect in our relationship, I work at developing respect and trust instead.

I work with people the same way as I do my horses. I prepare people to where it becomes a pleasant, enjoyable non-threatining experience when learning horsemanship techniques. It is important for people and horses to take one step at a time up a ladder rather than trying to get to the 5th rung of the ladder in the first step. I won't expect a person to lope a horse if they can't maintain their balance at a trot. I won't get on a horse if it doesn't even want a saddle on its back.

I work at the horse and riders level preparing them so there is as little fear as possible.

Lessons for people $35/lesson; By the Month Special, 2 lessons per week $225/mo.

As I have worked with so many students about the proper way to be balanced on a horse, and handle if you will a 'wild ride', I have used those techniques to teach people to sit their horse so as to allow your horse to be able to perform its best and for you to be as balanced and confortable as possible. Those techniques can be part of your training if desired.

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