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My philosophy of working with horses is to first try to understand where the horse is mentally and physically. I want my idea to become the horses idea, and for him to be a willing partner. Wouldn't you like your horse to look you up when you go out to catch him in the morning? We search to find the least amount of pressure needed to get the horse to do what we want, but know how much pressure we need to move to if we have to. We focus on our colt-starting where our groundwork preparing for the first rides, results in a quiet, pleasurable experience for the horse with no fear or defensive reactions.

Benny Ruda Horsemanship Services provides a full list of services, from colt-starting, 60-90 days initial training, and lessons for the rider/owner.

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Clinics and Facilities

We have complete facilities, including a full event rodeo grounds. This includes a 100x300 ft arena, a warm up arena, enclosed 60x120 arena and stalls for boarding. Our rodeo grounds include bucking chutes and roping chutes. We even have a mechanical bull for those who want to learn basics in rodeo rough stock events. Call Benny for a list of clinic dates and services.




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Benny Ruda Horsemanship
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