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BarnPro Features

BarnPro provides a contemporary Windows application for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 created with a Microsoft development product using the power of a relational database. We provide updates regularly to the web for download (a login in is given to all purchasers of the Business Edition and Racing Edition) for continual improvements and enhancements. All our products include a paper manual and come with a cdrom and binder.

BarnPro Accounting

BarnPro's Accounting capability consists of expense and income ledgers (actually database tables) and the Reports window shown below.

The window below shows our capability to allow invoicing a number of customers at one time for "at the end of the month" billing. Just move the account names from the left list to the right list and select the invoice style, and a starting invoice number and the rest of the work is done for you.

NEW - Also, if you have clients where each month you just really repeat the same charges for a client from last month (or really any previous time period), we have a accounting screen where you can select a client, pull up a copy of those previous charges (change the date as appropriate), delete any if desired (say where some of the horses have went back to the owner) and then save the whole list to the income ledger. So unless you add a new first time service for that client, all that including the invoice would be done with just point and click. Zero amount of typing.

If data for expenses and income is entered daily as they occur in your business operation, creating reports and invoices as required is extremely easy. The Reports window also does invoicing, created simply by point and click from income ledger entrees. You only have to select the customer and the time period.

The formatting is already done for you, simply point and click to select your report and print. You can select time periods and categories as appropriate. Choose from the choice of reports below:

  • Accounts Receivable (BE)
  • Accounts Payable (BE)  
  • Expenses (can be broken down by categories such as feed, showing, fencing, tack, advertising, training, etc)
  • Tracking expenses and income. You can choose to narrow down by category or horse (and of course time frame). 
  • Invoices (BE), we create header, or use your farm stationary
  • Customer Accounts (BE)
  • Provider Accounts
  • Personal Expenses
  • Payments (used for tax preparation, shows actual income)


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