Chapter 1 The Weaving of the Magic Cloak
Chapter 2 The Book of Laws
Chapter 3 The Gift of the Magic Cloak
Chapter 4 King Bud of Noland
Chapter 5 Princess Fluff
Chapter 6 Bud Dispenses Justice
Chapter 7 The Wings of Aunt Rivette
Chapter 8 The Royal Reception
Chapter 9 Jikki Has a Wish Granted
Chapter 10 The Counselors Wear the Magic Cloak
Chapter 11 The Witch-Queen
Chapter 12 Zixi Discovers Herself
Chapter 14 The Rout of the Army of Ix
Chapter 15 The Theft of the Magic Cloak
Chapter 16 The Plain Above the Clouds
Chapter 17 The Descent of the Roly-Rogues
Chapter 18 The Conquest of Noland
Chapter 19 The Bravery of Aunt Rivette
Chapter 20 In the Palace of the Witch-Queen
Chapter 21 The Search for the Magic Cloak
Chapter 22 Ruffles Carries the Silver Vial
Chapter 23 The Destruction of the Monsters
Chapter 24 The Sailorman's Return
Chapter 25 The Fairy Queen