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What's New - 27 July 2003

As you can see, there hasn't been anything new for a long time now. Unfortunately I had to return to the real world and pick up the traces of making a living again, and this has been all consuming. But I have kept this Oz Encyclopedia up and running for all the folks who have sent emails and told me that they do enjoy it and and to keep it running. Perhaps in a couple of years I can withdraw from the real world a little bit and journey to Oz to explore and report on the new discoveries and once again add more interesting info and illustrations to the Encyclopedia. Til then, please let me know if you enjoy this website and what kind of things you would like to see more of.

What's New - 23 January 2000

The section describing the short stories and newspaper cartoon series of L. Frank Baum has been updated and expanded with new material and illustrations.

What's New - 9 November 1999

A whole new section on John R. Neill, the Royal Illustrator of Oz, has been added. Details here.

What's New - 31 October 1999

The Hungry Tiger Press has just released a new CD with music from the Oz stage plays of the very early 1900's. Details here.

What's New - 29 October 1999

The Oz bibliography has been extended and reorganized into topics and extended with many new references. Full text of three of these are now available on-line. The page for Oz as political allegory has new material.

What's New - 17 February 1999

An article on the relationships between some of L. Frank Baum's novels and the area of La Jolla, California, published in The Journal of the San Diego Historical Society, has been added. Click here to read it.

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