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Oz'n Ends

Over the 20th Century, Oz as a uniquely American phenomena has grown far beyond the boundaries of a series of children's stories and a classical movie. Oz icons are instantly recognizable across the breadth and depth of the American society, if not the world in general. This omnipresence has led to myths, parodies, allegories, pastiches, etc., etc., all of which perpetuate and extend the Oz experience.
Many visitors to this Ozzy Encyclopedia have come with questions on these extensions to Oz, and have thus sparked the need to provide an easily accessible information source for this eclectic set of topics. The following index connects the interested visitor to these topics, the collection of which is just beginning. The list is small now but will grow with time and the interests of the visitors to this site.

Oz as an Socio-Economic Allegory
Henry Littlefield's paper on Oz as a "Parable on Populism"
David Parker's paper analyzing the "Populism Parable" theory.
Dan Jacobs' paper on the Littlefield allegory theory.
Peter Dreier's paper on the populism theory.

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