Oz Who's Who Role Index

Role: Military
Soldiers, sailors, and the like, irrespective of professional abilities
Arabian Knight
Army of Glinda the Good
Army of Nomes
Army of Oogaboo
Army of Oz
Army of Regos and Coregos
Army of Revolt
Bodyguard of Royal Pikemen
Captain Dipp
Captain Fyter
Captain General
Captain of the Paper Soldiers
Captain Ultramarine
Corporal Waddle
Fox Captain
Fox Soldiers
General Blug
General Jinjur
Green Soldier
Jo Apple
Jo Banjo
Jo Bunn
Jo Buttons
Jo Cake
Jo Candy
Jo Cheese
Jo Clock
Jo Cone
Jo Egg
Jo Files
Jo Ham
Jo Nails
Jo Padlocks
Jo Plum
Jo Sandwich
Jo Stockings
Jo Sundae
Omby Amby
Paper Soldiers
Pinky Army
Royal Bodyguards
Soldier with Green Whiskers
Spoon Brigade
Tin Soldier

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