Three fairies with great magical powers. Their names are Audah, Aurah, and Aujah. They are tall, slender young women with intelligent faces and clothed in handsome, clinging gowns. One has golden hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, the second has brown hair, grey eyes and brown skin, and the third has snow-white hair and brown eyes. They lived with the Flatheads, caring for them and serving as their rulers. They also aided the Skeezers, building their beautiful glass domed city on the Magic Isle. Queen Coo-ee-oh coveted their magical powers, so she transformed them into a gold, silver, and bronze goldfish and threw them into Skeezer Lake. But not before they were able to put a curse on the evil Queen that if any one of the goldfish were to die then the Queen would lose all her magic and shrivel up. When the Adepts were transformed, Su-dic and Rora took over the Flatheads and began their attempts to destroy the goldfish. This is the real cause of the war between the Skeezers and Flatheads.

First appears in: Glinda of Oz

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