A people who share the inside of a mountain in the south of the Quadling Country with another tribe called the Hoppers. Horners are so named because they have an ivory white horn about six inches long growing out of the center of their forehead. They are a little people with bodies like a ball, short arms and legs, long pointed ears, and light brown skin. They wear snow-white robes and go barefooted. Other than their horn, their most striking feature is their hair, which is colored green at the ends and tied up in a topknot, yellow at the middle, and red at the roots. Horners are Radium miners. When Dorothy, Ojo, and their friends encounter the Horners, their unbridled enthusiasm for punning has gotten them into a war with the Hoppers. Luckily, Dorothy helps them reach a peace before anyone is hurt.

First appears in: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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