A people who live inside a mountain in the south of the Quadling Country. Hoppers are so named because they have only a single leg underneath their round, fat bodies. However, they are just as mobile with this single leg as two-legged people because they are very good at hopping. The Hoppers live next to a people known as the Horners in an enormous cave inside the mountain. The cave is illuminated by a soft light from an unseen source. A very high picket fence separates the two peoples, with the Hopper side being very beautifully decorated with polished marble walls, streets, and homes. The Horner side is simply drab, unfinished rock such as you might expect to find in any cave. However, the interior of the Horner homes are beautifully finished when compared to the Hoppers. When Dorothy, Ojo and their friends encounter the Hoppers and Horners they are at war with each other because Diksey Horner has made what the Hoppers consider to be an insulting remark. Fortunately for these two peoples, Dorothy proves to be a skillful arbitrator and convinces them to declare the war over.

First appears in: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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