Patchwork Girl

A girl made by Margolotte out of a patchwork quilt and bits and pieces of material, and brought to life by Dr. Pipt using his magical Powder of Life. She has a patchwork skirt and apron, red leather shoes, carefully formed fingers and thumbs with small gold plates for fingernails, and is stuffed throughout with cotton. Her hair is brown yarn which hangs down to her neck in several braids. Two silver buttons stitched on with black thread serve for her eyes, and her ears are made of two thin gold plates also stitched on with black thread. Her mouth is shaped with two rows of pearls sewn in for teeth and a tongue of scarlet plush, but it is closed in the back and thus does not connect to anything in her stuffed cotton insides. Her face looks just like the rest of her patchwork figure, with one cheek of yellow and the other red, a blue chin, purple forehead, and a padded, bright yellow nose. But most important is her brains. Margolotte was preparing her brains to be a faithful and dedicated servant, not too intelligent for her station, when she was distracted and Ojo took this opportunity to dump some of all the Brain Furniture into the mixture. Thus, the Patchwork Girl wound up a little too clever, over active, and certainly unaccepting of being anyone's servant. Ojo also must have stumped his toe with the "Poesy" since she also tends to indulge in rhymes of limited elegance. Margolotte intended to name her Angeline, but the Glass Cat called her Scraps and the name stuck.

First appears in: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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