Originally the Gump was a mounted head over the mantle in the great hallway of the Royal Palace in the Emerald City. It has antlers like an elk, but it's up-turned nose and billy goat chin whiskers give it an air of absurdity. The Tin Woodman uses the Gump as a head along with two large sofas for a body, four palm leaves for wings, an a broom for a tail to fashion a means to escape the Army of Revolt. Tip then applies the last of the Powder of Life to bring bring this strange creation to life. Thus the Gump becomes an unlikely aerial transport for Tip and his friends in their escape from Jinjur and the Army of Revolt. After tranquility and order is finally restored to the Emerald City, the parts of this strange flying machine are returned to their original function, with the Gump returning to its place over the mantle.

First appears in: The Marvelous Land of Oz

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