A man-sized frog whom the Yips thought to be very wise. He is a bit vain about his appearance, wearing yellow satin plush knee pants trimmed with gold braid and jeweled knee buckles, a white satin vest with silver buttons centered with rubies, a coat of bright yellow, green stockings and red leather shoes with turned up toes and diamond buckles. He wears a purple silk hat and carries a gold headed cane. He also wears gold spectacles to make him look wise. He was once an ordinary-sized frog in a pond in the Winkie Country until he is dropped by a bird into a pool in the Yip country. When he feeds on the magic Skosh which is found only in this pool he grows to man-sized proportions and becomes intelligent. As he is the only frog in a land of Yips, and is reasonably intelligent, he becomes an advisor and authority figure to the Yips. Enjoying his position in the community, he becomes conceited and ultimately deceives himself about his own self importance. He travels with Cayke on the hunt for her dishpan, and has some very humbling experiences that improve his relationship with others.

First appears in: The Lost Princess of Oz

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