Dr. Pipt

Dr. Pipt is a magician who lives alone with his wife, Margolotte, high on a mountain in the far south of the Munchkin Country. He really isn't a wicked magician; he just doesn't understand the problems that some of his magic receipes can cause. He developed the Powder of Life which was used to bring a number of Oz notables to life, such as Jack Pumpkinhead, the Sawhorse, the Gump, Scraps, and the Glass Cat. Ultimately, Ozma deprived him of his ability to practice magic and turned him into a normal Munchkin man. (Nota Bene: It has been rumored that Dr. Pipt is in actuality Dr. Nikidik. So the rumor goes, Dr. Nikidik faked his death and moved to a secluded mountain in the Munchkin Country to escape punishment for his illegal practice of magic. This is quite possible since people really don't die in the Land of Oz.)

First appears in: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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