Queen Lurline

The fairy queen who created the Land of Oz. A long time ago Oz was just like any other land, but being shut in by the Deadly Desert it was cut off from the rest of the world. Then one day while on a journey, Lurline passed over Oz and decided to enchant it into a fairyland and leave one of her fairies as it's ruler. Since that time no one in Oz has gotten any older nor died. In fact, the people of Oz cannot die now, but it is possible for an Ozite to be dismembered into little pieces and scattered about or drown. Also, anyone who comes from the outside world comes under Lurline's spell, never getting any older; however, the spell does not protect them from mortal danger. Thus, while Dorothy, Trot, Betsy Bobbin, and the other immigrants to Oz still remain just as they were when they first arrived, they must be protected from the dangers that abound in some of the wild and untamed parts of the lands.

First appears in: The Tin Woodman of Oz

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