Mr. Yoop

Mr. Yoop was captured and placed in a cage in the Quadling Country because of his bad habit of taking peoples' sheep and cows for food. His wife, Mrs. Yoop, is a Yookoohoo, and thus was able to escape and remain free. Dorothy, Ojo, and their friends encounter the Yoop while searching for water from a dark well, but are able to escape without any harm being done to them. The sign on his cage reads: Mr. Yoop --- His Cave The Largest Untamed Giant in Captivity. Height, 21 feet.-- (And yet he has but 2 feet.) Weight, 1640 Pounds. -- (But he waits all the time.) Age, 400 Years 'and up' (as they say in the Department Store advertisements.) Temper, Fierce and Ferocious. -- (Except when asleep) Appetite, Ravenous. -- (Prefers Meat People and Orange Marmalade.) Strangers Approaching This Cave Do So At Their Own Peril! P. S. ---Don't feed the Giant yourself.

First appears in: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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