Liquid of Petrifaction

A magical potent made by Dr. Pipt which causes a living thing to be turned into a cold marble replica of itself. When the Patchwork Girl first comes to life she thrashs about, overturning a vial of the Liquid of Petrification, which spills on Unc Nunkie and Margolotte, instantly turning them into marble statues. Since Dr. Pipt is out of the Powder of Life to use as an antidote, and it will take six years for him to make a new batch, Ojo launchs on an expedition to find the ingredients for an alternative receipe that will not take nearly so long to make and restore his uncle to life. The ingredients are indeed rare and difficult find since they are: a six-leaved clover the left wing of a yellow butterfly a gill of water from a dark well three hairs from the Tip of a Woozy's tail a drop of oil from a live man's body

First appears in: The Patchwork Girl of Oz

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