Powder of Life

A magical powder which brings life to an inanimate object. Mombi obtained this magical substance from Dr. Nikidik (who may also be Dr. Pipt), and carried it in a pepper box. It takes Dr. Pipt six years of constant stirring of magical ingredients in four large kettles to make just a enough powder to fit in a small pepper box. A number of notable Ozites came to life through the magic of this powder, including Jack Pumpkinhead, the Saw-Horse, Scraps, the Glass Cat, and the Gump. The incantation that must accompany the use of the powder is as follows. "Weaugh!", spoken with the left hand raised and little finger pointed upward. "Teaugh!", spoken with the right hand raised and the thumb pointed upward. "Peaugh!", spoken with both hands raised and all the fingers and thumbs spread.

First appears in: The Marvelous Land of Oz

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