One of the twin islands of Regos and Coregos in the Nonestic Ocean, six days journey by boat north of Pingaree. These islands are inhabited by fierce and marauding warriors who attack Pingaree, loot and lay waste to the island, and take all its inhabitants captive; all, that is, except Prince Inga, King Rinkitink and Bilbil. Regos is 10 miles wide and 40 miles long and ruled by King Gos. The people of this island keep slaves to work gold and silver mines on the island. The men of Pingaree are enslaved here. Coregos is about half the size of Regos, and is ruled by Queen Cor. The women and children of Pingaree are enslaved here to farm the land. The two islands lie but a stone's throw apart at their closest juncture, and a bridge of boats at this location provides a path between the islands.

First appears in: Rinkitink in Oz

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