Golden Cap

A magical golden cap ringed with diamonds and rubies which the Wicked Witch of the West uses to command the Winged Monkeys. Who ever possesses the cap can only use it three times to command the Monkeys. The Wicked Witch of West originally used it to enslave the Winkies. The second time she used it to drive the Wizard of Oz out of the Land of the Winkies, and the last time to capture Dorothy and her friends. After killing the Witch, Dorothy uses the cap to command the Winged Monkeys to return her and her friends to the Emerald City. On her second use she tries to get the Monkeys to take her back to Kansas, but they cannot because they cannot travel out of the Lands of Oz. The cap is commanded by the following incantation. Ep-pe, Pep-pe, Kak-ke!, spoken while standing on the left foot. Hil-lo, Hol-lo, Hel-lo!, spoken while standing on the right foot. Ziz-zy, Zuz-zy, Zik!, spoken while standing on both feet.

First appears in: The Wizard of Oz

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