How to Become a Member of the IWOC

The International Wizard of Oz Club appeals both to the serious student of Oz and to all readers interested in America's own fairyland. Membership in The International Wizard of Oz Club includes a subscription to The Baum Bugle. Membership remittances should be sent to:

The International Wizard of Oz Club
Department I-01M
1407 A Street, Suite D
Antioch, California 94509

Membership Categories and Rates

Member - 2001 membership in The International Wizard of Oz Club is US$25.00 per year for U.S. residents (US$15.00 per year for members 17 years of age and under).

Many members support the International Wizard of Oz Club by electing special levels of membership. Such special memberships (above $25) are tax deductible to the limit established by IRS regulations for 501(c)(3) organizations.

Contributing Membership - (including first-class mailing) US$40.

Sustaining Membership - (including first-class mailing, the Oz Calendar, and Oziana) US$60.

Patron Membership - (including the same benefits as Sustaining membership) US$250 and up.

Dues for members living outside the U. S. and Canada are US$10 higher for each of the above categories.

Please include the following information for each membership on a separate sheet of paper.
Name (and age for Members 17 and under)
Fax (if available)
Email address (if available)

From time to time the Oz Club prepares a membership directory. The directory is not intended for commercial use, but in some instances may be used in that way. Please state if you want to be excluded from the directory.

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