The International Wizard of Oz Club


The International Wizard of Oz Club was founded in 1957 to bring together all those interested in L. Frank Baum and Oz. During succeeding decades, the club has grown until today it has nearly 2500 members. Its magazine, The Baum Bugle, first appeared in June 1957 and has been published continuously ever since.


The Baum Bugle, which is issued three times each year, specializes in popular and scholarly articles about Oz and its creators with biographical and critical studies, and first-edition checklists. Research into the people and places within the Oz books appears frequently. There are also features on Oz films and stage shows, reviews of new editions of books about Oz or its authors, and current Oz (or associated) news. The magazine is illustrated with rare photographs and drawings, and the covers are usually in full color.

The Oz club also publishes:

The club also has a website with lots of good information about club activities and Oz reference information.


The club sponsors conventions in different areas of the country each year. These gatherings feature:

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