Catalog of the Oz Movies - 1980 to 1995

This page provides a description of the principal Oz productions for cinema and television. Each film is listed in chronological order, from 1980 through 1995. To navigate this page by the relationship between the books and films, use the Movie Index.

  Release date:       1981
  Descripton:         Video version of The Minneapolis Children's Theatre Co.
                      stage production of the original Baum book.
  Production company: The Minneapolis Children's Theatre Co.
  Executive Producer: Francis M. McGovern
                      for TV:  Douglas Draper and Ronald Tanet
  Producer:           John Clark Donahue
                      for TV:  Richard A. Carey and Jonathan Stathakis
  Director:           John Clark Donahue
                      for TV:  John Driver
  Screenwriter:       Thomas W. Olson
  Editor:             Veronica Lozo
  Music:              Richard Dworsky
  Lyrics:             Gary Briggle

  Distributor:        Child Vision Company
  Length:             105 minutes
  Cast:  Wendy Lehr (Mombi), Christopher Passi (Tip/Ozma), Carl Beck (Jack
         Pumpkinhead), Gary Briggle (Scarecrow), Stephen Boe (Tin Woodsman),
         Rana Haugen (Jellia Jamb), Julee Cruise (General Jinjur), Steve 
         Huke (Guardian of the Gates), Kathleen Wegner (Glinda), Tom Dunn
         (H.M. Wogglebug, T.E.), Garth Schumacher (Dr. Nikidik), Suzanne Petri
         (Colonel Cardamon), Oliver Osterberg (Soldier of Oz), James McNee 
         (voices of Sawhorse and Mouse Queen)

  Release date:       1982 (Japan) 1983 (US)
  Description:        Animated film based on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".
  Production company: Toho Co. Ltd./Alan Enterprises
  Executive producer: Yoshimitsu Banno and Katsumi Ueno (Japan)
                      Alan L. Gleitsman (US)
  Producer:           John Danylkiw
  Director:           Fumihiko Takayama (Japan)
                      John Danylkiw (US)
  Music:              Jo Hisaishi
  Lyrics:             Sammy Cahn and Allen Byrns
  Editor:             Johann Lowenberg
  Cast:  (voices in US version)  Aileen Quinn (Dorothy), Lorne Green
         (Wizard), John Stocker (Tin Woodman), Billy Van (Scarecrow),
         Thick Wilson (Cowardly Lion), Elizabeth Hanna (Wicked Witch
         of the West), Wendy Thatcher (Glinda)
  Available on VHS video
  Release date:       1985
  Description:        Mexican musical comedy based on Baum's
                      "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".  Alternate
                      title is "Mago de Oz Cuento de Frank Baum".
  Production company: Amarillo Rojo Cafe/Estudio 5 y 3
  Producer:           Ramon Tellez
  Director:           Angelica Ortiz, Ramon Tellez (for TV)
  Art Director:       Leopoldo Falcon
  Screenwriter:       Angelica Ortiz
  Music:              Harold Arlen
  Editor:             Andres Menendez
  Distributor:        Madera Cinevideo
  Length:             70 mins
  Cast:  Angelica Vale (Dorotea), David Rodrigo (Espantapajaros y 
         Panta), Ana Gloria Blanch (Bruja y Dona Brujilda), Lucio
         Boliver (Hombre de Hojalata), Manuel D'Flon (Profesor
         Maravilla y Mago de Oz), Carlos Espindola (Leon y Leoncio),
         Jorge Rosette (Guardia y Jorobado), Pilar Bolivar (Ema y
         Hada Glinda)

  Release date:       1985, June 21
  Description:        Based on pieces of the L. Frank Baum books, "The Marvelous
                      Land of Oz", "Ozma of Oz", and "Tik-tok of Oz".
  Production company: Oz Productions/Walt Disney Productions
  Executive producer: Gary Kurtz
  Producer:           Paul Maslansky
  Director:           Walter Murch
  Screenwriter:       Walter Murch and Gill Dennis
  Cinematographer:    David Watkin
  Editor:             Leslie Hodgson
  Music:              David Shire
  Distributor:        Buena Vista. Color
  Length:             113 minutes 
  Cast: Fairuza Balk (Dorothy), Nicol Williamson (Dr. Worley/Nome King),
        Jean Marsh (Nurse Wilson/Mombi), Piper Laurie (Aunt Em),
        Matt Clark (Uncle Henry), Emma Ridley (Ozma), Michael Sundin
        and Tim Rose (Tik-Tok)(voice by Sean Barrett), Mak Wilson (Billina)
        (voice by Denise Bryer), Pons Maar (leader of the Wheelers and Nome
        Messenger), Justin Case (Scarecrow), John Alexander (Cowardly Lion),
        Deep Roy (Tin Woodman), Sophie Ward (Mombi 1), Sophie Ward (Mombi 2),
        Fiona Victory (Mombi 3), Brian Henson and Stewart Lawrence (Jack
        Pumpkinhead)(voice by Brian Henson), Lyle Conway and Steve Norrington
        (Gump)(voice by Lyle Conway), Cherie Hawkins (Polychrome), Tansy (Toto).
        Nomes (Claymation) by Will Vinton.
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1985, December 17
  Description:         Made for CBS televison adaption of L. Frank Baum's
                       book, with stop-motion puppet animation.
  Production company:  Rankin-Bass Productions
  Producer:            Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass
  Director:            Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass
  Screenwriter:          Julian P. Gardner
  Lyrics:              Julian P. Gardner
  Music:               Bernard Hoffer
  Distributor:         Lorimar-Telepictures
  Length:              49 mins
  Cast:  Earl Hammond (Santa Claus), Earle Hyman (King Awgwa), Larry Kenney
         (Commander of the Wind Demons)  Lynne Lipton (Queen Zurline/Wife/,
         Robert McFadden (Tingler), Lesley Miller (Necile), Peter Newman (Peter
         Nook/Awgwas/Lord of Lerd/The Nome King/Husband/, Joey Grasson
         (Weekum), J.D. Roth (young Claus), Alfred Drake (The Great Ak)
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1986
  Description:         Animated short based on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz",
                       and Alibaba and the Forty Thieves (from "1001 Nights").
                       Full title is "My Favorite Fairy Tales Volume 4:
                       The Wiazrd of Oz - The Magic Carpet - Alibaba and the
                       Forty Thieves."
  Production company:  Saban Productions
  Producer:            Haim Saban and Shuki Levy
  Director:            Robert Barron
  Screenwriter:        Winston Richard
  Music:               Haim Saban and Shuki Levy              
  Distributor:         Video Treasures, Inc.
  Length:              30 minutes
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1987
  Description:         Animated film made for television based on Baum's book,
                       "Ozma of Oz". Hosted by Michael Gross.
  Production company:  Atlantic/Kushner-Locke, Inc.
  Executive Producer:  Donald Kushner and Peter Locke
  Distributor:         Lorimar Home Video
  Length:              30 minutes
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1987
  Description:         Series of fifty-two 23 minute episodes
                       based on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", "The
                       Marvelous Land of Oz", "Ozma of Oz", and 
                       "The Emerald City of Oz".  Edited to four
                       93 minute video tapes, one each four the four books.
  Production company:  Cinar Films, Inc. (Canada)
  Executive Producer:  Micheline Charest and Ronald Weinberg
  Producer:            Ronald Weinberg
  Director:            Tim Reid
  Screenwriter:        Don Arioli and Tim Reid
  Cinematographer:     Ian MacGillvray

  Distributor:         Lightyear Entertainment
  Narrator:            Margot Kidder
  Length:              93 minutes (four each)
  Cast:  Morgan Hallet (Dorothy), George Morris (Tin Woodman), Neil Shee
         (Cowardly Lion), Richard Dumont (Scarecrow)
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1990, December 10
  Description:         NBC Television Movie of the Week.
                       Based on the life of L. Frank Baum.
  Production company:  Bedrock Productions, Inc
  Executive Producer:  David Kirschner and Robert M. Myman
  Producer:            Ervin Zavada
  Director:            Jack Bender
  Screenwriter:        Richard Matheson
  Cinematographer:     Thomas Burstyn
  Editor:              Jerrold R. Ludwig
  Music:               Lee Holdridge

  Distributor:         NBC-TV
  Length:              100 mins
  Cast:  John Ritter (L. Frank Baum), Annette O'Toole (Maud Gage Baum),
         Rue McClanahan (Matilda Gage), David Schramm (W. W. Denslow),
         Nancy Lenehen (harriet Baum), Courtney Barilla (Dorothy Leslie
         Gage/Dorothy Gale), David Ellzey (Scarecrow), Charles Haid
         (Cowardly Lion), Derek Loughran (Tin Woodman), Courtney Barilla (Dorothy)

  Release date:        1990
  Description:         Series of thirteen 23 minute made-for-television
                       cartoons based on the 1939 MGM film, The Wizard of Oz.
  Production company:  Turner Entertainment Company/Pacific Rim Animation
  Executive Producer:  Andy Heyward
  Screenwriter:        Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser
  Art Director:        Kurt William Conner 

  Distributor:         ABC-TV
  Length:              23 minutes each
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1991
  Description:         Animated film based on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".
  Production company:  American Film Investment Corp.
                       Dai Won Animation
  Executive Producer:  Diane Eskanzzi and Ron Layton
  Producer:            Jim Simon
  Director:            Jim Simon
  Screenwriter:        Roger Scott Olsen
  Length:              25 minutes
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:          1993     
  Description:           Animated film based on "The Wonderful
                         Wizard of Oz".
  Production company:    Fuji Eight Company Ltd./Saban Productions
  Executive Producer:    Jerald E. Bergh
  Producer:              Eric S. Rollman
  Supervising Producer:  Winston Richard
  Voice Director:        Doug Parker
  Screenwriter:          Barbara A. Oliver
  Story Editor:          Tony Oliver
  Music:                 Shuki Levy
  Distributor:           Saban Home Video/Video Treasures
  Length:                24 minutes
  Cast:  Norma MacMillian (Narrator), Lee Tockar (Toto/Wolf 1),
         Christine Lippa (Dorothy), Scott McNeil (Uncle Henry/
         Munchkins), Cathy Weseluck (Aunt Em), Kate Robbins 
         (Glinda), Ian James Corlett (Scarecrow), Britain
         Durham (Tin Woodman), Mike Donavan (Cowardly Lion),
         Doug Parker (Oz/Guard),  Barbara Whiting (Wicked Witch
         of the West)
  Available on VHS video

  Release date:        1994
  Description:         Biography of L. Frank Baum and his Oz books.
  Production company:  BBC Television
  Length:              about an hour

  Release date:        1994
  Description:         A Russian film based on the Alexandr Volkov book that
                       is a Russian rewrite of The Wizard of Oz.  This movie
                       may be the closest adaptation to the original Baum
                       story yet to be filmed.
                       See also The Wizard of the City of Emeralds
  Production company:  The Russian Federation of Cinematography
  Producer:            Alexander Malugin
  Director:            Pavel Arsyenov
  Screenwriter:        Vadim Korostelyev
  Cinematographer:     Uri Posnikov
  Music:               Yevgyeni Bogolepov
  Length:              63 minutes
  Cast:  Katya [Yekaterina] Mikhailovskaya (Elli), Vyacheslav Nevinei (Scarecrow),
         Yevgyeni Gyerasimov (Iron Woodman), Vyacheslav Nevinnei, Mladshi
         (Cowardly Lion), Victor Pavlov (Goodwin), Valyeri Nosik (Ogre),
         Natalya Varlyei (Bastinda and Gingyema), Olga Kabo (mother of 
         Elli and Styella), Syergyei Varchook (Worra), Vladimir Antonik
         (cyclone), Boris Shchyerbakov (Guard)

  Release date:        1995, November 22
  Description:         An on-stage live rock version of the 1939
                       MGM film classic, filmed on 5 November 1995.
  Production company:  Turner Pictures Worldwide, Inc./TNT
  Executive Producer:  Jonathan Brauer
  Producer:            Darrell Larson
  Director:            Darrell Larson (stage), Louis J. Horvitz (TV)
  Screenwriter:        Darrell Larson (based on the original screenplay)
  Music:               Harold Arlen, et. al.
  Lyrics:              E.Y. Harburg
  Cast:  Jackson Browne (Scarecrow), Natalie Cole (Glinda), Roger
         Daltrey (Tin Woodman), Joel Grey (Wizard of Oz and Guardian
         of the Gate), Jewel Kirscher (Dorothy), Nathan Lane
         (Cowardly Lion), Debra Winge (Wicked Witch of the West),
         The Boys Choir of Harlem, under the direction of Dr. Walter
         J. Turnbull (The Munchkins), Lucie Arnaz (Auntie Em), 
         Ry Cooder (Crows/Winkies)

  Release date:        1996
  Description:         Twenty-six 23 minutes episodes, based on the
                       Oz stories by L. Frank Baum.  Animated video
                       for television. Also known as "The Oz Kids."
  Production company:  Hyperion Animation, Inc.
  Executive Producer:  Willard Carrol and Thomas L. Wilhite
  Producer:            John Bush
  Director:            Stephen J. Anderson
  Screenwriter:        Willard Carroll
  Editor:              Charlie King and Julie Ann Lau
  Music:               Michael Muhlfriedel
  Length:              23 minutes each
  Cast:  Shay Astar (Andrea), Shayna Fox (Bela), Eric Lloyd (Neddie),
         Aaron Michael Metchik (Jack Pumpkinhead), Julianne Michelle
         (Dot), Bradley Pierce (Boris), Benjamin Salisbury (Tin Boy),
         Scott McAfee (Scarecrow jr.), Alex Zuckerman (Frank, jr.),
         Lawrence Tierney (Rick), Lori Alan (Auntie Scraps), Marc
         Allen Lewis (The Nome King/Santa Claus), Chauncey Leopardi
         (Otto), Ross Mapletoft (Zeb Hugson/Jack Sr.), Andy Milder
         (Scarecrow Sr./Tommy Kwikstep), Erika Schikel (Dorothy/
         Glinda), Steve Stoliar (Tin Man/Wizard)

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