Index to the Oz Movies Catalog

L. Frank Baum's Oz stories have been a fertile source for movie makers since the very beginning. The following is an index to a catalog of these movies. This index provides access to information on all the known movies (both film and video) that have been commercially produced and released since 1908. This index is organized by original book title. (Click on the title to read a description of the book.)

In addition to movies based on the books, there have also been biographies of the author. They are:


The information in this movie catalog is a principal result of the research efforts of Bill Beem, Marc Berezin, Willard Carroll, Karl Michael Emyrs, John Fricke, Michael Patrick Hearn, Marc Lewis, and Stephen J. Teller, and others as published in the Baum Bugle.
It was updated in 1997 based on the extensive data in Scott Hutchins' unpublished "Filmology of Oz."
The following is a list of sources for those interested in further research into this topic.

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