Browser Survey

What this survey is all about.

We are currently planning upgrades to this website,
and need your input to help us decide what features to include.

We would like to include advanced features supported by
the new browsers being released by Netscape and Microsoft.

But there won't be much value in doing this if you,
the visitors to this site, don't have these new browsers,
or won't have for some time.

So please let us know what your current browser type is,
and what your plans are for the near future.

We will be summarizing and posting the results of this survey
periodically, so you can see what others are telling us.

Select your current browser type.

What is the version number of your browser?

What are your plans to upgrade to a new browser in the next six months?
Select one of the following.

Not them, somebody else
Undecided, but will upgrade
No plans to upgrade
No idea what I'll do
None of the above, I'm checking out of the I'net

Do you have audio capability on your PC/workstation?

What is the resolution your display terminal is set to?

If you can spare a minute, here's some other questions you could help us with.

Is this your first visit to our website?


Will you visit again?


Tell us what could we do to make this website more useful to you.
(Please include your email address if you would like a reply.)

Thank You for your response to this survey.

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