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There are are number of libraries that have established special collections that include the Baum Oz books and other Oziana. The following is a list of these libraries and a brief description of their holdings.

Alexander Mitchell Library
L. Frank Baum collection
Holdings: The collection contains more than 350 items which includes books(some autographed by Baum), photographs, letters, news clippings, videos, artifacts & memorabilia. Also included is his weekly newspaper, the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer and a fairly complete collection of Baum Bugles.
Background Information: L. Frank Baum lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota from 1888 to 1891 during which time he operated a store called "Baum's Bazaar" and published a newspaper, the Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer. When he moved to Chicago he left behind a niece, Matilda Gage, who was very fond of him. She treasured the books which he sent her and collected many documents concerning Baum and Oz. On her death in 1986, she bequeathed her collection to the Alexander Mitchell Library in Aberdeen. David Rave, director of the library, has compiled and published an annotated catalog of the collection entitled, Oz in Aberdeen that is a useful tool for all seriously interested in Baum and Oz. The catalog is available from the library for $8.00 plus $2.00 for shipping and handling.
address: 519 S. Kline St., Aberdeen, S.D. 57401
tel: 605-626-7097, fax 605-626-3506
email: Contact David Rave, Director, email

Arizona State University
Realia collection
Holdings: Contains 425 pieces of Oz memorabilia, collected by Nicholas Salerno. The collection includes commemorative and promotional material from the 50th anniversary celebration of the 1939 MGM film classic, "The Wizard of Oz."
address: Tempe, AZ

Ohio State Univerity Library

Holdings: They have a very large special collection of children's literature from 1820 to present. It includes Baum's books in early editions.
address: 1858 Neil Mall, Columbus, Ohio 43210

Syracuse University Libary
Special Collections
Holdings: about 200 items. Includes both books and materials on the Wizard of Oz book, early theatrical productions, publishing history. Some genealogical data on the Baum family, photos, correspondence. Also has some Denslow information.
address: 600 E. S. Bird Library, Syracuse, NY 13244-2010
tel: 415-443-2697 fax: 315-443-2060

University of Louisville
Eskstrom Library
Rare Books & Special Collections

Holdings: about 130 items, including books, periodicals, toys, dolls
address: Belknap Campus, Louisville, KY 40208
tel: 502-588-6762 fax: 502-588-8753

University of San Francisco
Richard A. Gleeson Library
Rare Books Collection

Holdings: The collection includes virtually all of Baum's published works, often in multiple copies representing bibliographic variants. In addition it has representation of all the subsequent Oz books published by Reilly & Lee as well as numerous other items relating to the the Oz authors, their works, and the illustrators of the Oz series.
address: San Franciso, CA
Background Information:
The University of San Francisco collection has an interesting history. The collection was originally started by Ellsworth Dougherty, a founding member of the International Wizard of Oz Club, who collected intensively in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. He, Dick Martin, and Justin Schiller often shared in major acquisitions and exchanged books among themselves to enrich each other's collections. Dougherty died in the mid-1960s and his widow sold the collection to Charles Polk. Polk warehoused the collection, along with many other collections on other subjects, and ultimately sold it to Serendipity Books. Dr. M. Wallace Friedman purchased the collection, probably doubled in size during the five years he owned it, arranged for it to be catalogued privately by James Silverman, and ultimately donated it to the Department of Special Collections at the Gleeson Library, University of San Francisco.

University of Texas
The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
Holdings: Contains the holograph manuscripts of The Tin Woodman of Oz and The Magic of Oz. NB: Full extent of the collection needs to be ascertained. Advanced reservations and permission needed to access the holdings. Expect 3-4 day advanced planning and notification before arriving.)
address: Austin, TX

University of Wisconsin
Memorial Library
Special Collections

Holdings: Has Baum first editions.
address: 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53706

Yale University
Beinecke Rare Book and
Manuscript Library
Holdings: The C. Beecher Hogan Collection. This may be the the most comprehensive research-level collection of Baum/Oz material that is publically available. It is particularly rich in earliest printings, good association copies, and a number of important manuscript fragments, including a few leaves for the manuscript of _Dot and Tot of Merryland_.
Background Information:
C. Beecher Hogan, a lecturer in English at Yale, and the Edwin Arlington Robinson bibliographer, was a pioneer collector of Baum. The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library is funded by the Beinecke family, part of whose fortunes derived from S&H Green Stamps.

Acknowledgements: Peter Hanff contributed information on the USF and Yale collections. Peter is currently President of the Intenational Wizard of Oz Club. ASU information was contributed by James Whitcomb.

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