Oz Books by Other Authors

In the years since the last Oz book by Ruth Plumly Thompson, many have undertaken to continue recounting the rich and varied history of Oz. Select from the options on this page to see these books, listed alphabetically by the option topic.

Note 1: Not all "Oz" stories are listed here. We have only listed books whose setting and characters are reasonably consistent with the Oz created by L. Frank Baum. Also, to the best of our knowledge we have not included any titles that contain "adult" themes that parents may find unsuitable for their children. (Of course, this is matter of individual judgement, and everyone may not agree with our choice to leave a book off this list. If you have a question in this regard, please send us a note.)

Note 2: Unfortunately, many of these books are now out of print, having been produced by small publishers in limited quantity. To the extent we are aware of the In-Print status of a book, it has been identifed.

Note 3: We welcome and encourage our readers to send us new information to update these pages. Please use the feedback page to send us a note.

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