Oz Books by Other Authors - Listed by Publisher

This page provides a listing of Oz books by authors other than L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson, ordered alphabetically by Publisher.
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Armstrong State College Press
The Blue Emperor of Oz

Books of Wonder
A Runaway in Oz
The Speckled Rose of Oz
Dorothy of Oz
How the Wizard Came to Oz
The Nome Kings Shadow in Oz
Queen Ann of Oz
The Patchwork Bride of Oz
The Giant Garden of Oz
The Magic Chest of Oz
Father Goose in Oz
Masquerade in Oz
The Magic Dishpan of Oz
The Glass Cat
Christmas in Oz (Toto and the Cats of Oz, vol. 1)

Jimmy Bulber in Oz
Toto in Oz
Two Terrific Tales of Oz
A Viking in Oz
Mr. Flint in Oz
The Braided Man of Oz
The Gardeners Boy of Oz
Veggy Man of Oz
The Enchanted Gnome of Oz
Acinad Goes to the Emerald City of Oz
The Magic Diamond of Oz
The Deadly Desert around Oz
Song of Oz
The Silver Shoes of Oz
Lurline and the White Ravens of Oz
A Wonderful Journey in Oz
The Colorful Kitten of Oz
The Mysterious Caverns in Oz
Dorothy Returns to Oz
The Dinamonster of Oz
Dagmar in Oz
The Crocheted Cat in Oz
Skeezik and the Mys-Tree of Oz
Bungle and the Magic Lantern of Oz
The Magic Tapestry of Oz
Lunarr and Maureen in Oz
The Case of the Framed Fairy of Oz
Wooglet in Oz
The Flying Bus of Oz
The Emerald Ring of Oz
Invisible Inzi of Oz
Cory in Oz
The Marvelous Monkeys of Oz, Part I
Egor's Funhouse Goes to Oz
Brewster Bunny in Oz
Kaliko in Oz
Brewster Bunny and the Case of the Outrageous Enchantments of Oz
The Lunechien Forest of Oz
The Haunted Castle of Oz
The Odd Tale of Osoenft in Oz
The Lost Emeralds of Oz
The Disenchanted Princess of Oz
The Healing Power of Oz
The Tin Castle of Oz
Fwiirp in Oz
A Silver Elf in Oz
The Fantastic Funhouse of Oz
The Fairy Circle of Oz
Pegasus in Oz
A Queer Quest for Oz
Hurray for Oz!
A Murder in Oz
Moonstruck in Oz
The Wise Ol' Owl in Oz
Starglory of Oz
Bucketheads in Oz
A Sure Cure in Oz
Jubilee in Oz
Three-Headed Elvis Clone Found in Flying Saucer over Oz
The Three Imps of Oz
Summer Solstice in Oz
The Joust of Oz
Beach Blanket Baby of Oz
The Giant Frogman of Oz
The Haunted Hot-Tub of Oz
The Forgotten Land of Oz
A Million Miles from Here is Oz
Do it for Oz!
The Bunny King of Oz
Nik Wish in Oz
The Rubber Ostriches of Oz
I Want to Grow up in Oz
Dorothy's Mystical Adventures in Oz.
Ridiculous Rivals in Oz
The Reading Tree from Oz
Denslows Scarecrow and Tinman
The Magic Ruby of Oz
The Wogglebug of Oz
The Mystic Planes of Oz

Dark Horse Comics
The Blue Witch of Oz

The Mysterious Chronicles of Oz

First Comics
The Forgotten Forest of Oz
The Ice King of Oz
The Secret Island of Oz
The Enchanted Apples of Oz

Green Tiger Press
The Rewolf of Oz

International Wizard of Oz Club
The Ozmapolitan of Oz
The Forbidden Fountain of Oz
The Wicked Witch of Oz

Interset Press
The Winged Monkeys of Oz

Ozian Seahorse Press
Time Travelling in Oz
Sinister Gases in Oz
As the Clock Strikes Oz
The Green Goblins of Oz

Palo Verde Emeralds
The Raggedys in Oz
Sail Away to Oz
Maybe the Miffin
Red Reera the Yookoohoo and the Enchanted Easter Eggs of Oz

Pen Press
Oz and the Three Witches

privately published
The Tired Tailor of Oz
Button Bright of Oz
The Sawhorse of Oz

Random House
Dorothy and the Magic Belt
Dorothy and the Seven-Leaf Clover
Mr. Tinker in Oz
Ozma and the Wayward Wand
Dorothy and Old King Crow

Re-Printers Inc
The Ork in Oz

Reilly & Lee
The Hidden Valley of Oz
Merry Go Round in Oz
The Magical Mimics in Oz
The Wonder City of Oz
The Shaggy Man of Oz
Lucky Bucky in Oz
The Scalawagons of Oz

Rizzoli International
Dorothy in Dreamland

Star Rover Press
Dorothy and the Wooden Soldiers

Rosine and the Laughing Dragon of Oz

Wiz Kids of Oz
Our Trip to Oz
The Enchanted Emeralds from Oz
Many Lands in Oz
The Liberty Bell of Oz
W.W. Denslow in Oz
John R. Neill Visits Oz
A Valuable Gift from Oz
La Llarona's Diary

Yellow Brick Road
The Silly Ozbuls of Oz
The Silly Ozbul of Oz and Toto
The Silly Ozbuls of Oz and the Magic Merry-Go-Round
Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage

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