The Braided Man of Oz

Author:Lionel, Rufus K.
Illustrator:Dulabone, Chris
Pub Year:1987 Status: Out of Print
Synopsis: The Braided Man of Pyramid Mountain and the Pet Gargoyle, first encountered in Baum's The Road to Oz, have discovered that the Braided Man's prototypes for his special Flutters have been lost. This causes them no end of concern, and they go off in search of the missing items. Their journey lands them in the Deadly Desert, where a quickly-uttered spell is cast to protect them from the noxious sands. The spell does not, however, protect them from a deranged robot that has been set loose in the desert. Not being a living being, the robot is not affected by the magical sands, and is able to drain the life energy from any victims who are unlucky enough to fall into his territory. He then takes on the living essence and leaves them in a state of paralysis. The Braided Man and an army of kindly mechanical men must get to Oz in order to save the Pet Gargoyle from a fate worse than death.

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