Veggy Man of Oz

Author:Barlow, Nate
Illustrator:Barlow, Nate (cover by Melody Grandy)
Pub Year:1988 Status: In Print
Synopsis: The title character, Veggy Man, is actually made out of various sized and shaped potatoes. This time, Oz is being threatened by an army of terrifying Mirror Men, who have already conquered the Emerald City. It is up to Veggy Man and several of his vegetable friends to save Oz from their threat. This happens at a time when Jonathan and Jennifer, two children from the United States, have accidentally found their way into Oz and have no idea what they are in for! This story has numerous subplots involving many new Oz friends, each more outlandish than the last.. The residents of Punnsylvaina; Tyranny Rex, a voiciferous baby Tyrannosurus; an army of articulated sporting equipment; a tropical penguin and a land-fish; sand snakes; baseball cards; and even a very silly clown named Ras Cal all eventually come together to stand up to the powerful Mirror Men. But is their threat too much for even this conglomeration to face?

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