Toto in Oz

Author:Dulabone, Chris
Illustrator:Dulabone, Chris
Pub Year:1986 Status: Out of Print
Synopsis: Toto and Dorothy have been living in Oz for many years now, as we all know. And Dorothy has even earned the status of Honorary Princess of Oz. Similar royal titles have been offered to all other mortal visitors from Trot to the Shaggy Man. But Toto has never been granted any royal commission or title whatever. This is unfair. After all, he was as much the discoverer of Oz as Dorothy was! Dorothy and Ozma, thinking his complaints are meant as a joke, fail to pay him any serious attention. So Toto decides to take his objections to Glinda the Good, instead. On his way to Glinda's, Toto is sidetracked in an odd kingdom where he inadvertantly digs up what he assumes to be a bone. It turns out to be the Royal scepter of the Kingdom, and he is told that anyone who locates it becomes the Royal Magistrate of the land. At first, Toto is pleased with the attention and respect that comes with this coveted Royal Commission. But later he learns that there are responsibilities which go with the title, as well as rules that no dog in his right mind would care to follow. Toto's daring escape from the kingdom is only a part of this exciting story, which also involves a powerful necromancer that changes the Tin Woodman briefly into a teddy bear.

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