Sky Island

Button-Bright, an inquisitive and adventurous young lad from Philadelphia finds an old umbrella in the attic of his home, and discovers it can carry him through the air to far away places. Making his way to the California coast, he meets Trot and Cap'n Bill and they decide to fly to an offshore island for a picnic. However, a mixup in names causes the Magic Umbrella to carry them far above the clouds to an entirely different kind of island, an island in the sky. There they run afoul of the Boolooroo, the cruel and arrogant ruler of the Blue Country.
Enslaved by the Boolooroo, and losing the umbrella to him, they have no way home. So they escape through the Great Fog Bank to the other side of Sky Island, the Pink Country; a land of far more enlightened political leadership than the Blue Country. There they are faced with the terrible fate of being thrown over the edge of Sky Island, but are saved by the intercession of Polychrome, the Rainbow's daughter.

Determined to recapture the Magic Unbrella, they lead an army of Pinkies in an assault on the great walled Blue City. Will they gain the day? Will Cap'n Bill escape the Slicing Machine and being Patched to a Blue Billygoat? Will the Boolooroo be overthrown? Can they go home again? The final chapters of this airy fairy tale will tell all.

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