The Sea Fairies

This is a fanciful tale of adventure with Mermaids under the seas. Trot, a young girl from California, and her companion, an old one-legged ex-sea captain named Bill, venture to the bottom of the ocean to visit Queen Aquareine and her Sea Fairies. Transformed into a mergirl and merman, and protected by the Sea Fairies' magic, they tour the land under the sea to see its amazing scenes. Enroute, they are captured by Zog, a thoroughly despicable denizen of the deep, who has a bone to pick with their friend Anko, the sea serpent who rules the ocean domains.
In Zog's hidden palace they meet numerous lost seafarers who were rescued from Davy Jone's Locker by Zog, only to be turned into gilled slaves. Zog hurls a series of increasingly dangerous challenges at his captives in an attempt to destroy the Sea Fairies, but each is foiled by Queen Aquareine's magic. Anko arrives just in time to defeat Zog and save the day. Trot and Cap'n Bill are returned safe and dry to their California coastal home,with an appreciation for how much they have to learn about the non-mortal world, and perhaps better prepared for their next adventure which takes them to the Land of Oz.

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