The Lost Princess of Oz


The Lost Princess of Oz tells a story of intrigue and mystery in this fairyland home of many famous and charming people and creatures. It begins with the discovery of a great calamity -- all the principal magic of Oz used by Glinda the Good, Ozma, and the Wizard of Oz to aid and protect the Ozites has been stolen; and Ozma herself has inexplicably disappeared. Dorothy and her friends set out on a grand quest to find Ozma and save her from what surely must be a perilous predicament.
Meanwhile, in a far corner of Oz, a Yip named Cayke discovers her magic dishpan has been stolen. This terrible state of affairs must be corrected because the dishpan has been in her family since the beginning of time and is needed to bake her famous cookies. Accompanied by a local celebrity, the Frogman, they descend from their mountain homeland to seek out the thief and recover the magical dishpan.
After a series of challenging adventures, the two search parties encounter each other and join forces to confront the culprit. This inevitably leads to a number of serious challenges they must face in order to recover the purloined magic and restore peace and harmony to Oz.

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