The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


This is the story that started it all. It begins when a little Kansas farm girl, Dorothy Gale, and her dog Toto are blown away in a tornado and land in a fairyland named Oz. Here she meets a very unusual cast of characters - the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion, and together they go on a quest to see the Wizard of Oz, each of them seeking what they want most in life. Making their way along the Yellow Brick Road through a series of hair-raising encounters, they arrive at the Emerald City only to be told by the Wizard that they first must kill the Wicked Witch of the West before he will grant their wishes.
They eventually overcome many dangerous challenges and dispose of the witch (although quite by accident), and return only to find that the Wizard is really just a humbug. He craftily addresses everyone's wish but Dorothy's, which is to return home to Kansas. So once more Dorothy and her friends set out, this time to find the Good Witch of the South. These last adventures end happily with Dorothy and Toto returning home, thanks to something she had all along.

Audio Book

This is the first Piglet Press audio book, and we were quite thrilled when AudioFile selected it for their Earphones award. In their words, "This program will entertain listeners of all ages. No doubt there will be high demand for other tales in this series." (AudioFile, June 1995, p. 19) There are many versions of this timeless classic by L. Frank Baum, but this version stands out from the pack by its use of the reader theater format: a cast of readers presenting each of the book's unique characters. If you have seen the movie ( MGM 1939, Judy Garland et al), but haven't read the book, you are in for a treat. Dorothy and her companions have many more adventures than the movie presented. Give a listen and learn just how resourceful this diverse team of travelers can be.

On-Line Text

The full text of this book is available for on-line reading here

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