The Emerald City of Oz


This new adventure into the fairylands of Oz is witness to the impending destruction of the Emerald City. The evil Nome King is determined to recover the Magic Belt from Ozma, and to aid in this terrible scheme he enlists a number of very powerful and frightening creatures. Their aim is to tunnel under the Deadly Desert and emerge in the unsuspecting Emerald City and lay waste to it and the Lands of Oz.
Meanwhile, Dorothy and her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em move to the Emerald City to live after life turns too hard in Kansas. They go on a grand tour of Oz, visiting many amusing and entertaining lands and their people. They arrive back at the Emerald City just in time for the final assault by the invading armies, and witness a surprise ending that can only happen in the Land of Oz.

On-Line Text

The full text of this book is available for on-line reading here.

Audio Book

The Piglet Press audio version of this Baum classic provides a cast of over 80 characters. These include, of course, Dorothy (our heroine), Ozma (the Girl Princess ruler of Oz), and the familiar Wizard of Oz, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion. Baum delights in engaging word play with his uniquely eponymous characters of Oz, including the Flutterbudgets, Rigmaroles, Fuddles, Cuttenclips, and the inhabitants of Utensia, Bunnybury, and Bunbury. The "bad guys" are wantonly absent of socially redeeming value, and get their ultimate come-upance without resorting to violence. As the storyline shifts back and forth from the scheming of the Nome King and his allies, and delightful discoveries Dorothy and her friends make as they explore new regions of Oz, the listener's imagination will be in full play.

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