Ozma of Oz


This adventure begins as Dorothy Gale is blown overboard in a storm at sea while enroute to Australia. With her is a yellow hen named Billina. They wash ashore in Ev, a fairyland across the Deadly Desert from Oz. Here they find a mechanical man, Tiktok, and meet Princess Ozma and her friends and the Oz Army. They join Ozma on her quest to free the Queen of Ev and her children from the underground caverns of the Nome King. The Nome King has used his Magic Belt to imprison the royal family of Ev as bric-a-brac in his underground palace.
The adventure almost ends in disaster for Ozma and her friends, but Billina saves the day in a most uneggspected way. Dorothy captures the Nome King's Magic Belt, everyone is set free, and they return to the Emerald City for a big victory celebration.

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