Miscellaneous notes on the works of John R. Neill

During his early and long years with newspapers in New York and Philadelphia, Neill's artwork appeared on a continuous basis. The dates and newspapers are listed on this page. Additionally, information on other illustration work is also described.

Cover of Neill's Oz Toy Book (1915)







Neill’s earliest known work is illustrations for the Philadelphia’s Central High School newspaper, in the issues for fall and winter, 1894, and spring, 1895



During these years Neill designed advertising material for the Wanamaker department store in Philadelphia.


North American (and other papers)

Illustrations from The Marvelous Land of Oz were reproduced in a promotional article for the just released book on 28 August.


North American

Neill illustrated a series of cartoon panels entitled "Life Among the Macaronis."


North American

Illustrated the serialized version of The Fate of a Crown. This book was written by L. Frank Baum under the penname of "Schuyler Staunton." The serial ran from 4 June to 6 August 1905.



Neill did illustrations of Chick, the Cherub for the "John Dough Contest."


North American

The "Children’s Stories That Never Grow Old" series, reissued in a number of volumes by Reilly & Britton, first appeared as a Sunday comic page feature.


North American

Neill illustrated numerous articles in the newspaper during these years.


North American

Illustrated "The Little Journeys of Nip and Tuck,", a Sunday comic page with verses by W. R. Bradford. It ran from March 7, 1909 through February 27, 1910.



John Wanamaker advertising booklet, Peter Pan


A pamphlet issued by A. Rowden King, Inc., Art for Mart’s Sake, contained samples of Neill’s drawings to interest buyers in using his art work in their advertisements.


Source: The Baum Bugle, Autumn 1964, 8:2, p15-18.
The Baum Bugle, Christmas 1965, 9:3, p8-9.

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